At Allied Experiential, we believe that a memorable, personal experience can turn a consumer into a lifelong customer and loyal brand advocate.

We target and carefully tailor our experiential programs to provide entertainment and value that is relevant and compelling.

We go where our clients’ consumers are. It might be on the beaches of Mexico for Spring Break, the mountains of Aspen for the X Games, NASCAR race tracks, the Mall of America, a local skatepark, a food and wine festival, a state fair, SXSW or Comic-Con.  There’s no limit to where we’ll go and what we’ll do to reach the right consumers for brands.

  1. B2B & Relationship Marketing

    We design and produce promotional programs that connect companies with their key business partners, trade press, retailers and internal sales force. These include corporate events and sales meetings, trade show booths, press events, product launches, upfronts and more.

    We specialize in curating exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime experiences designed to build and enhance relationships between brands and their most important customers and business partners. From arts and culture to culinary, sports and entertainment, we integrate luxury lifestyle elements and high-profile personalities into each extraordinary event.

  2. Bar & Retail Promotions

    We produce retail and bar promotions, including on-site events, retailtainment, in-store sampling, point-of-sale displays and consumer sweepstakes.  We provide comprehensive field marketing services with national promotional staff and management.

  3. Branded Entertainment

    We develop and produce original branded entertainment and content for TV, radio, film and the Internet.  We have produced custom publications, branded TV and radio programs, as well as negotiated the integration of products and brands into popular media.

  4. Design & Production

    We design and produce custom events, exhibits and branded environments.  From promotional vehicles, pop-up stores and parties to award-winning exhibitions and displays, our creative team makes every build out exceptional.

  5. Digital Marketing & Social Media

    Our Allied Digital team develops and manages our clients’ digital and social marketing campaigns, including influencer programs, brand community building and social relationship management.  We integrate online platforms, technologies and digital experiences into our event activations to amplify and extend the reach of our promotions.

  6. Grassroots Marketing

    We have an established national network of experienced producers, local managers and promotional staff that can provide everything from intercept, guerrilla and field marketing to local sponsorships, community affairs and civic relations in large and small markets across the country.  We have produced events in every state and hundreds of cities.

  7. Mobile Tours

    Allied Experiential designs traffic-stopping vehicles and produces vehicle-based brand experiences that provide the mobility and flexibility to bring promotions and sales directly to consumers in markets and at events nationwide. We’ve built mobile pop-up stores from Airstreams and school buses, operated a whiskey bar out of a customized RV, deployed fleets of Mini Coopers, and converted a pair of 1948 Ford pick-up trucks that spent a year on the road visiting America’s fairs and festivals.

  8. Pop-Up Stores

    We are leaders in creating immersive pop-up stores that generate media buzz and surprise consumers with unexpected brand experiences.  Whether the goal is sales, promotion or PR, our pop-ups take brands to new places in original and exciting ways.  Allied Experiential offers comprehensive services, including venue negotiation, permitting, design and production, merchandising, staffing, programming and entertainment, strategic partnerships, and all online and offline promotion and marketing.

  9. Public Relations

    We create strategic, integrated PR campaigns for our clients, as well as offer celebrity wrangling, red carpet events, blogger outreach, influencer engagement and ePR campaigns.  In addition to providing PR services to support our local and national events, we have served as PR counsel and AOR for clients, including OfficeMax, Del Monte and Windstream Communications.

  10. Special Events & Parties

    From the smallest details (swizzle sticks and candle sticks) to the big ideas (augmented reality projections and freestyle break dancers), Allied Experiential produces social theater.  We deliver dramatic and exciting décor, entertainment, catering and fun.  From celebrity red carpets and VIP and talent green rooms to unexpected venues with specially-designed décor, we create unforgettable corporate, press and private events.

  11. Sponsorships

    We identify, negotiate, develop and manage sponsorship activations for our clients at the country’s biggest music, film, food and arts festivals, sporting events, trade shows and state fairs.  We sponsor national tours, as well as regional and local events, to reach key business and consumer influencers for our clients.

  12. Strategic Partnerships

    We negotiate partnerships and promotions to align and affiliate our clients with brands, talent, charities, retailers and media that enhance and elevate our clients’ brand messaging.