The Challenge

Promote Pfizer's Pediatric Portfolio, Children’s Advil, Children’s Robitussin and Children’s Dimetapp, and their new Sick Just Got Real campaign


The Big Idea

Produce a media event in New York City at the Metropolitan Pavilion for bloggers and influencers of “ew” moments


How We Did It

  • Created an interactive event that featured five stations to illustrate where germs are easily spread to children: a playground, supermarket, classroom, school nurse’s office and pediatrician’s office
  • Brought each station to life by adding full-size cutout images of kids engaged in “ew” activities (eating off the floor, licking handrails, etc.) and soundscapes captured in real supermarkets, playgrounds and classrooms
  • Shared tips for staying healthy throughout the space: on decals placed on the desks; interactive lightboxes in the playground and wall graphics in the nurse’s and pediatrician’s offices
  • Invited nationally recognized pediatric doctor Nina Shapiro and renowned microbiologist Dr. Charles Gerba to provide their expertise on germs and walk journalists through the experience
  • Placed invisible black light paint on frequently used objects in the stations and turned the lights off to dramatically reveal where germs were found
  • Catered the event with healthy and kid-friendly foods, such as chicken noodle soup shots and grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup
  • Distributed gift bags with product samples, branded Rubik’s cubes and puzzles and literature on Pfizer’s line of children’s medicine