The HBO documentary 40 Years a Prisoner chronicles one of the most controversial shootouts in American history, the 1978 Philadelphia police raid on the radical back-to-nature group MOVE, and the aftermath that led to a son’s decades-long fight to free his parents.

To generate awareness and tune-in, Allied Experiential produced “WHAT MOVES YOU,” an immersive, COVID- safe, drive-thru exhibit in downtown Philadelphia for invited guests and local residents.  The agency also engaged local influencers and promoted the event through local PR.

The agency transformed a multi-level, open-air parking garage into an exhibit highlighting four key milestones from the film.  Each zone took consumers through the timeline of the documentary and was designed to reflect its raw and gritty essence. The footprint included messages of social justice, simulated tear gas (a fog machine), vintage props (vehicles, TVs) and historical newsreels.  As guests entered the parking garage, they received a postcard with QR codes linked to accompanying audio tracks to guide them through the four zones, narrated by the documentary’s subject, Mike Africa Jr., who also made a surprise appearance at the activation with family, friends and MOVE members.

The “WHAT MOVES YOU” drive-thru exhibit was featured in local and national media, including a major feature in The Philadelphia Inquirer

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